Document storage and management is a growing problem for businesses today. On-site storage is limited, warehouse storage space can be very expensive and retrieval of scattered or wrongly filled documents can be time consuming, inefficient, ineffective and very expensive. Business information management has huge potential value, but it is also subject to security risks, costs and management challenges.
C&R Document Management Solutions is a full service provider of records management. We help organizations manage their records end to end at all stages of the information lifecycle- from time information is created until it requires secure disposal. This helps small to medium-size businesses make dramatic gains in efficiency and productivity by improving the way they organize and manage their business documents, information and processes within the fast-growing Document Management marketplace. This takes the challenges out of your hands to our systems and expertise hence optimizing the value of your data whilst reducing your exposure to cost and risks. We help you manage rising storage, staff and administrative costs and help you stay compliant.
In addition to freeing up office space and protecting their information from loss or breach of confidentiality, our clients use our services to get their staff to focus on their jobs instead of spending time managing documents and data. Another great advantage of outsourcing your archive to C&R is that we are continuously investing in our storage facilities and technologies to meet the growing market needs for information management.
Our Services

C&R Document Management Solutions offers cost effective range of solutions suitable for the Document Management needs of any size business or organization including;-

1. Electronic Archiving solutions
2. Physical Archiving solutions
3. Secure destruction and shredding solutions
4. Consultation solutions

Value Added Services;-

1. Supply of archive boxes/cartons

From large Corporate, a department to small and medium sized businesses, we have a solution that can be tailored to your requirements with the following benefits amongst others;-

• Improve your internal processes
• Save on employees productive time wastage and increase their productivity
• Enhance customer service & satisfaction
• Stay Compliant
• Prevent loss of records
• Save storage space
• Manage records easily
• Find documents quickly
• Make documents centrally available
• Eliminate need for filing cabinets
Companies in the region that value internal efficiencies and customer satisfaction are moving towards having a proper document management solution.



The requirement to keep copies of documents is becoming an ever increasing burden, and without a suitable electronic storage or archiving it can become costly, time consuming and take up a huge amount of space.

C&R Document Management Solutions can provide you with an electronic archiving or e-filing solution that best fits the way you work, whether you want your data stored on a CD or DVD or whether you want access to it on the web.



Why is electronic document storage so important?
Paper documents are a weak point in the security of any business. Where most electronic documents such as emails and spreadsheets are backed up on a daily basis, often hard copy documents are left to look after themselves despite being just as important.

By electronically archiving your hardcopies we can ensure your document security by providing you with electronic copies over the internet or on CD or DVD giving you the peace of mind of a secure back up for all your important documents. If you need a number of copies, say for Head Office and local offices or even for added security in case of fire or flood you can have as many copies of your electronic documents as you like.

Many documents such as HR documents, medical records contracts, wills, client information, minutes, drawings, application forms, personnel records and tax documents need to be retained for a number of years. Electronic storage provides a neat and cost effective way of keeping these important and sensitive documents.

Have you ever tried to find a copy of an important document and taken hours to locate it in dusty archives or even mislaid it entirely? Having an indexed electronic copy of your paper documents overcomes the frustrating and sometimes fruitless search. All your documents are backed up and available to you in an instant.

Document archives take up space and space doesn't come cheap. Looking for archived documents can take up time and time means money. Electronically stored documents avoid the need for valuable physical storage space and costly time needed to search for documents. C&R document management solutions provide a more convenient, low cost alternative.


With comprehensive tracking, authorized access management and detailed retention planning - you always have control over your stored documents with C&R's physical archiving solutions, for both active and in-active documents. This ensures that your archiving meets the highest demands for confidentiality, quality and security!

Our physical archiving solutions include:
• Management of the physical archives (on-site and externally ( Off-site))
• Storage in a protected environment
• Control over incoming and outgoing documents/files
• Secure access by authorized personnel
• Correct and secure disposal on expiry of the storage period

All paper documents stored in our offsite facility are indexed and catalogued in line with our usual document management procedures or as agreed by our clients and can be retrieved for collection, scanning or faxing the same business day as long as they are requested prior to 4pm. We are happy to deliver documents to you, but they will be sent out the next business day.


Our document secure destruction & shredding service reduces costs and increases protection of your confidential business records. All levels of government and organizations are increasing their enforcement of data privacy laws and making protection against consumer fraud a priority. The security of sensitive customer, employee and business information is a requirement and should be a critical part of your document management program to mitigate risks associated with:
• Identity theft
• Loss of confidential documents
• Misuse of sensitive information
• Noncompliance with privacy laws
We can help you develop and implement a cost-effective, secure and compliant document destruction solution. Our team will help you establish a complete document shredding program that is customized to your specific business needs — no matter the size of your organization.


Our service provision is flexible. If you have the storage space in your premise, all you need from us is our expertise and advice on how to implement a document management solution in-house. Our team is ready and willing to answer and attend to all your document concerns and assist in helping you manage your documents internally, in an easily accessible manner, securely and confidentially.

All you need is our archiving cartons and expertise and you are up and running!

Our Consulting Services provides advice and expertise on how your organization can physically file its active and historical documents as well as electronic access to valuable records and documents with the aim of boosting work efficiency, customer service efficiency and having data available in a centralized location.
Our services include careful inspection of the available records, sorting, scanning and indexing for electronic archiving as well as following the indexing parameters for an efficient and easy retrieval physical archiving for either internal archiving or archiving at an external location. We scan, index and save your information in electronic format – PDF etc. in protected storage media, CDs, document management system or server with secure backup. We also advice and assist in preparation of document retention & destruction schedules that are compliant, secure and confidential.



1. Market leader
We have been an industry pace setter both in document management and shares registry services. Leadership comes with unrivalled customer service and innovative services and products, and this has been our competitive advantage

2. Rich Industry Experience
We have been in the industry for over 25 years, managing documents for listed companies. This experience has been very instrumental in shaping our service provision to our clients, both B2C and B2B. We employ highly experienced professionals with all benches of the BPO domain we handle, ready to take any challenge. This has materialized with our 25 years of continuous exposure to outsourcing in rich and diverse services.

3. We understand security, confidentiality and sensitivity as we are in financial services

Given that the management of share registers comes with a lot of responsibilities. C&R is charged with the responsibility of managing, reconciling and being accountable for funds that is due to both the Issuer and the shareholder, maintaining confidentiality of the shareholder information without breaching the laid down procedures by the market regulators and ensuring that all information released to any persons have been verified. This understanding is replicated in all our service provisions, more so, document management which often relates to confidential and sensitive data/records.

4. Committed Workforce

We are professionally staffed and equipped to manage your document management needs, offering Fixed Fee Document Scanning Prices, Value-Based Prices and very competitive in relation to industry costs.

5. Customer Support

Customer support at C&R Document Management Solutions addresses all the queries with quick response and with a solution centric approach.

6. Latest know-how

We keep in pace with the latest industrial advances whether related to technology or management. We manage to update ourselves with latest inventions and performance techniques.

7. Respect for Time

We value the time of our clients and provide quick response to their queries. Besides this, we are committed to our scheduled time of delivery.

Benefits of C&R Document management solutions

• Professional & Centralized Records Storage — Cost effective, Efficient and Effective outsourced solution

• Flexible Delivery Options ( document retrieval) — Same day, emergency, scan on demand deliveries

• Web-based Records Access — Access & Manage your records remotely

• Destruction & Shredding Services —adhere to records retention and compliance requirements and securely and confidentially destroy documents after their retention period lapse

• Superior Customer Service — Timely, Easily accessible, efficient, effective responsive and knowledgeable support & service delivery

• Secure Premises — 24 hour security, Premise and Units Access control, foam & powder fire suppression, 24 hours CCTV Surveillance

Send us an E-mail on or call us today on 020-2230518/ +254 726 971 599



Send us an E-mail on or call us today on 020 - 2230518/ +254 726 971 599


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