This is one of the core service lines of share registry business division, offering the following services;-


All capital raising activities require companies to devote a substantial amount of time and resources for the transaction to be successful. The administrative activities involved in an IPO can often be underestimated. An IPO requires not only efficient management of the whole process, but needs to adhere to all relevant legislation, listing regulations and timetables.

C&R's specialist corporate actions team has been involved in IPO's for 25years and over many different legislative environments. This means that the C&R team has a set of professional and experienced staff with substantial and unmatched set of skills in providing guidance and managing the administrative responsibilities of company listings of all sizes in the registration industry in Kenya, and indeed, the region.

The team's experience is backed up by a state of the art IPO system, which has been used in various markets during different IPO's.

C&R understands that no two IPO's will be the same and no two clients are ever the same. There is a wide diversity of choices available to companies going public or being listed, and with this in mind, C&R has an efficient and flexible approach to the logistics and administration associated with this project type. C&R offers to every client a unique service that meets the client's specific requirements thus providing a total solution to this corporate action.

C&R and its team are committed to providing the highest level of service that will ensure that the transition from a private company to a public company will be achieved with professionalism and ease.

Our Listing Services provided during an IPO, Private Placement or Listing by Way of Introduction include;-

• Contribution to Share certificate, Application form, refund cheque and/allocation notification design/s
• Training of processing and receiving agents and brokers on the IPO Process
• Acting as receiving agents for all applications, reviewing all applications for errors and interacting with (Other) agents to obtain additional information where needed
• Providing batching procedures to agents
• Data entry and validation
• Providing reports on progress of offer during the offer period
• Providing of statistics for announcement of final results
• Aggregation of multiple applications/applicants
• Performing allotment based on the agreed allotment criteria
• Reconciling with the receiving bank and generation of refund list which facilitates refunds in case of over-subscription (Processing refunds)
• Generating upload file/s for direct credit of allotted shares into CDS
• Printing and dispatching certificates as well as allocation letters
• Creation of the shares register
• Filling necessary returns with regulatory bodies
• Issuance of clearance certificates to selling agents
• Shares Register Management/ Shareholder/Investor relations/services Post IP


Listings Experience

• 1997- TPS Serena
• 1996-Kenya Airways
• 1994-Sameer Africa
• 1992-Housing Finance
• 1986-Barclays Bank of Kenya



A Rights Issue is a way in which a company can sell new shares in order to raise capital. C&R works with issuers, to not only process the Rights Issue from start to finish but to also promote the understanding of the Issue to its shareholders.

C&R administers Rights Issues covering all aspects from the calculation of the initial entitlements through to the allotment of shares and production of certificates.

C&R and its team are committed to providing the highest level of service that will ensure that these corporate actions are successful and results desired achieved with professionalism and ease.

Our Rights Issues Services include and not limited to;-

• User defined calculation Processing Parameters
• Processing of PAL's
• Filing of PAL's by broker/receipt date
• Validation of PAL's
• Creation of Issue Profile
• Assistance with development of allocation criteria if needed
• Execution of the allocation criteria
• Production of Issue Results Documents
• CDSC Upload file
• Refunds File
• Final Allocation file
• Filling of Authorities Returns
• Processing of issue allocation certificates
• Processing of the issue refunds ( if any)


C&R has managed and processed the following;-

• 2011-Kenbanco House Ltd Rights Issue
• 2010- Registrars for Standard Chartered Rights Issue
• 2008-NIC Bank Rights Issue
• 2007-Olympia Capital Holdings Rights Issue
• 1990- Barclays Bank Rights Issue


C&R is the Registrar of the Barclays Bank of Kenya Limited 5bn Medium Term Note Issue that is listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. The Barclays Bank Note register is currently managed by C&R and some of the key milestones as well as responsibilities are listed here under:-

• 2008 - Creation of the Barclays Bank of Kenya 2bn Tranche 2 register
• 2007- Creation of the Barclays Bank of Kenya 1bn Tranche 1 register
• 2007 – to date: bond management

Our bond services include and not limited to;-

i) Register maintenance & custody of the issued tranches
ii) Issuance of replacement note certificates as per the note holders request ( name changes or if the certificates are declared lost, mutilated or defaced)
iii) Facilitating sealing of the note certificates and eventual dispatch thereafter.
iv) Static details update and management of the note holders records
v) Verification of note holder details
vi) Immobilization of the notes upon verification of note holder details and cancellation of the note certificates
vii) Facilitating Transfer of notes from one holder to the other
viii) Reconciliation with the CDSC to note any movement in the bonds
ix) Upload of the interest payment register
x) Calculation of interest
xi) Mailing out of interest payment cheques to the note holders
xii) Management of replacement cheques for interest paid out on the notes
xiii) Filing of periodic returns to the capital Market Authority.




C&R has managed and processed the following;-

• 2011-NIC Bank Share Bonus Issue
• 2011-East African Cables Ltd Bonus Issue
• 2010-NIC Bank Shares Bonus Issue
• 2010-Centum Investment Shares Bonus Issue
• 2010-Nation Media Group Shares Bonus Issue
• 2010-Nation Media Group Staff Shares Bonus Issue
• 2009-NIC Bank Shares Bonus Issue
• 2007-EABL Shares Bonus Issue
• 2007- NIC Bank Shares Bonus Issue
• 2006-Barclays Bank Shares Bonus Issue



C&R has managed and processed the following;-

• 2011- Barclays Bank Share Split
• 2006- Barclays Bank Share Split
• 2004-East Africa Breweries Share Split



C&R has managed and processed the following;-

• Standard Chartered Bank Scrip Dividend


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