Business Process Outsourcing (B.P.O)

Business process outsourcing is broadly defined as the delegation of certain business process activities to an external service provider who in turn owns, manages and controls the process based on mutually defined and measurable performance criteria. Business process outsourcing has become an essential part of any organisation, looking to improve customer service, and ultimately, profits. Most of the times BPOs are invisible, since they are always behind the scene, but play a vital role in promoting the brand or overall image of a company.

It is estimated that 35% of global conglomerates are employing outsourcing service providers as this enables them to concentrate on their core functions and grow their businesses. As the world moves towards an all embracing global village, Corporates need to survive increased competition, keep abreast of new technologies, correctly and cost effectively manage labour issues, and continuosly seek new methods to do business effectively so as to achieve targeted business goals. Global conglomerates are realising that a key strategy that leads to survival and development is to concentrate on activities that add the most value and outsource all non-core functions.Our BPO services include and are not limited to;

  Data entry outsourcing: Turning paper into pixels.

C&R provides premier data entry outsourcing and document management services, offering a convenient, singular solution for your forms processing requirements and back-office operations, while significantly reducing the need for in-house processing personnel, equipment and their associated costs. Skilled,highly trained C&R back office staff provide professional back office outsourcing services specializing in forms processing and management of information, complex database and documents.


C&R is a cost-effective and operationally efficient data entry outsourcing partner for any business with data handling and management requirements.From application forms, credit applications,surveys, response cards, any device or mechanism for the transfer of information; C&R has the people and technologies to provide a world of back office solutions for you.


  Data security

Data collection services are performed in accordance with international standards of quality assurance and security. Processed data is formatted and securely transmitted according to client specifications. Systematic financial data archiving and backups ensure uncompromised integrity of your data, while com-prehensive disaster contingencies provide uninterrupted service under the most extenuating circumstances.


    • Key entry
    • Accurate data extraction
    • Data formatting and transmission to your specifications





Back Office Management

C&R employs processing controls and stringent security systems to protect your data. Data security protocols include not only documents and records, but our personnel as well. Our commitment to meeting and exceeding your security requirements makes C&R support services an integral part of your total-value solution. Critical data management service features of our security procedures include:



a.Document log-in
Paper documents received at our processing center are logged in and assigned a production tracking number. Documents are counted and put in production batches, with each assigned a production tracking number.

b. Daily data backup solutions
C&R performs a two-level backup on all data in our facility. First level data backup is written to a server; second-level data backup is written on a tape cartridge and stored in a secure location under management control.

c. Comprehensive security and redundancy
We maintain the most stringent standards of data and document security. All database application software files are backed up off-site. C&R data processing facilities are equipped with on-site, backup power plants to protect data in the event of an interruption in the normal power supply.

d. Employee screening
C&R employees undergo thorough security and background checks to ensure proper handling of sensitive information. All
C&R employees must sign employment agreements, including Confidentiality of Information.

e. Client-specific security standards
C&R’s support team will work with your IT staff to engineer a solution tailored to your specifications.


Personalized Printing

C&R has the ability to extract data from any operating system and print it as per the client’s specification. Items that we generally print include debtors invoices and statements, personalized forms, dividend/creditors cheques and address labels. Long run users of cheques such as government organisations, large corporations, share registrars and insurance firms have in the past purchased pre-signed cheques and personalised the cheques on their own premises. The cheques were then manually checked and mailed.


Many organisations that undertake cheque payments now outsource this service. In this respect, C&R offers personalised printing plus specialist finishing, folding, inserting and verifying services. The entire project is undertaken on their secure premises from the initial printing of the base stock to mailing. Data is received from customers in virtually any electronic format into a secure receipt folder. Custom programme scripts are written in-house to suit the end-users individual requirements for the variable printing of business documents with a particular emphasis on security forms and cheques.


Audit trails are produced at the time of printing and fulfilment and can be sent to the customer for verification before mailing if required. The total service includes business forms and cheques, envelopes, computer processing and printing PLUS collating, folding, inserting and mailing.

Products and Services include amongst others:
• Payslips and supporting documents
• Invoices and statements
• Direct mail letters and cards
• Fund management reports
• Personalized Printing
• Cheque payment service
• Giro payment schedules
• Personalised membership cards
• Confidential portfolio management letters



Electronic Payments Processing,Distribution and Reconciliations

EFTs and document distribution for issuers, registrars, banks, healthcare payers and third-party administrators, C&R is a provider of electronic funds transfers (EFTs), and both paper and electronic-based payment distribution. C&R’s Payment Management services provide a single-source partner for your payment management needs. These solutions offer cost savings and improved efficiencies for paper and electronic-based payment and remittance documents, as well as the capability to drive provider adoption in the realm of electronic payment and remittance. We further facilitate the distribution of cheques as well as electronic remittance advices (ERAs).



Bulk Mail Packing, Sorting and Mailing Services

We have noticed that companies engage and pay contract workers to pack month end invoices, statements or other circulars to their stakeholders. C&R has capacity for high-volume, bulk mail sorting and provides the service at competitive rates.

Let C & R help you make the move to a virtual back office.

C&R offers client-mail receiving and mail processing services at our facilities. With a comprehensive array of processing, data handling and management, C&R significantly reduces our clients’ back-office overhead expenses and enhances efficiency of document organization, storage and retrieval of bulk mail. After these intake procedures, mailroom documents are processed according to client specifications, whether it’s document scan/index or any number of other services offered by C&R to support your mailroom and back-office operations.



Why Outsource ?

Business process outsourcing has become the trend among some of the largest and modern corporates the world over.The employment of this managerial tool has intensified over the last ten years namely due to the realisation that;

• Large organizational structure and size is no longer a competetive advantage and compact, responsive niche competitors are able to change policies and cost structures overnight
• Investors are demanding a focused management that delivers
• Significant operating and financial performance improvements are critical for success and long term survival
• Supplies of technical specialists are reasonably plentiful, thus employing them internally is unnecessary for their availability
• Cutting edge technology and knowledge are now recognised as competitive weapons, but are expensive to acquire and successful results are often elusive when implemented internally

Companies have also realised that business process outsourcing is the way to go for the following reasons;

Costs Management
Outsourcing internal functions results in the reduction and effective control of operating costs. The company signs specified service provision contracts with future fees determined. Outsourcing is an effective way of streamlining activities

Where non-core but essential services have been outsourced to an external party, efforts and energy are concentrated to the core activity

Resource Allocation and Utilization
Outsourcing allows a company to utilize resources that the company may not be able to afford on its own. It also frees up resources to be utilized for the company's core functions.

Improved Internal Competencies
Outsourcing results in improved internal competencies. All the company does is to give the service provider targets to be met as contract terms.

Risk Management
A company that outsources some of its internal essential functions manages risk associated with such functions better. The detachment from the function enables the company to enhance supervision better and to transfer risk to the service provider.




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