Who do I contact with a question about my shares?
You can contact C&R Group on the contact details give below;
Physical Address: 6th Floor Bruce House, Standard Street, Nairobi.
Postal Address: P O Box 8484-00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone Number: +254-20-2230518 / 2230493 / 2230543 / 2230503 / 2230488 / 2230242 / 2230263
Fax Number: +254-20-2211773
Email Address: info@candrgroup.co.ke

What is immobilization?
Immobilisation is the conversion of physical share certificates to electronically held share balances for which the Central Depository has responsibility of maintenance and issuing of  regular account statements.

Can I immobilize my shares without share certificates?
No. You are required to deliver your share certificates to the CDSC Agent/stockbroker before your shares can be immobilised. If the certificate is lost you will need to seek replacement from the registrar.

Upon application for a duplicate certificate, can you deposit the shares directly to the CDS account once the certificate is ready even without giving me the certificate?
No. The shareholder is required to complete CDSC 2 Forms in respect to the new certificate and further provide other personal details as per requirements of the CDSC.

If you are the ones who pay dividends, why do you send us to brokers to change our details especially dividend pay point?
This applies in respect to shareholders who have since immobilised their shares hence the CDS account is administered by the CDSC Agent.

Why do the share certificates have to come back to you through stockbrokers and then CDS and back instead of the other way i.e. from you, to the CDS then to a stockbroker?
The current CDSC regulations require that immobilisation documents be provisionally delivered to the CDSC by the CDSC Agent before they can be delivered to the registrar.

Why are the CDS accounts maintained by brokers and not the registrars?
This is as per provision of the CDSC regulations.

Why can’t the registrars access CDS accounts?
The CDSC IT platform is currently restricted to registered CDSC Agents who are currently only stockbrokers.

Why can’t the registrar amend/edit static data for CDS accounts?
This is because the CDSC accounts are originally opened by the CDSC Agents and these are the responsible authority in respect to maintenance of the static data.

Who do we deal with in respect to the transfer of immobilised shares whether in respect to existing shareholders or private transfers from deceased shareholders to the next of kin?
Once the shares have been immobilised all matters relating to such shareholding will need to be handled by the CDSC through the responsible CDSC Agent.

How do I access recent prices for shares and securities?
The Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) runs a daily mailing facility by email of all trade activities and related information. This information by accessed on the ir website www.nse.co.ke or you could phone the NSE and request to be added to their mailing list.

How do I change the address on my share account?
You can send written instructions or a completed change of address form to: Custody and Registrars Services Limited Investor Services, P.O. Box 8484-00100 Nairobi, Kenya.

Can I purchase shares of a company through Custody and Registrars Services Limited?
No. If you wish to purchase shares you should contact any of the stockbrokers registered by the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), Below is a list of the stockbrokers that you may contact.

African Alliance Investment Bank Ltd
Kenya Re Towers, 4th Floor
Upper Hill, off Ragati Road
PO Box 27639,00100 Nairobi
Tel: 2718720,2710749

Apex Africa Investment Bank Ltd
4th floor, Rehani House, Koinange Street
P.O. Box 43676, 00100, Nairobi. Tel: 250553

Faida Securities Ltd
1st floor, Windsor House,
Muindi Mbingu Street
PO Box 45236, 00100,
Nairobi. Tel: 243811-13

Kestrel Capital (East Africa) Ltd
7th floor, Hughes Building, Kenyatta Avenue
PO Box 40005, 00100, Nairobi. Tel: 251758, 251815

Ashbhu Securities Ltd
13th floor, Finance House, Loita Street
PO Box 41684, 00100, Nairobi. Tel: 212989

CFC Financial Services Ltd 
1st Floor, CFC Bank, Kimathi St, Corner House – Tel: 0721-371941, 221452-3
PO Box 47198, 00100 Nairobi

Crossfield Securities Ltd
5th floor, IPS Building, Mama Ngina Street
PO Box 70928, 00200, Nairobi. Tel : 246036

Discount Securities Ltd
3rd floor, International House, Mama Ngina St
PO Box 42489, 00100, Nairobi Tel: 219552

Dyer & Blair Investment Bank Ltd
10th floor, Loita House, Loita Street
PO Box 45396, 00100, Nairobi. Tel: 3240000

Francis Drummond & Co Ltd 3rd floor, Hughes Building, Kenyatta Avenue
PO Box 45465, 00100, Nairobi. Tel: 318686/89/90

Ngenye Kariuki & Co. Ltd
5th floor, Travel (UTC) House, M. Mbingu St.
PO Box 12185, 00100, Nairobi. Tel: 24333

Nyaga Stockbrokers Ltd
12th floor, Nation Centre, Kimathi Street
PO Box 41868 Nairobi. Tel: 332783

Reliable Securities Ltd
3rd floor, Standard House, Standard Street
PO Box 50338, 00100, Nairobi. Tel: 241350

Standard Investment Bank Ltd
17th floor, Hazina Towers, Monrovia Street
PO Box 13714, 00100, Nairobi. Tel: 220225

Sterling Securities Ltd
10th floor, Finance House, Loita Street
P.O. Box 45080, 00100, Nairobi. Tel: 213914

Solid Investments Securities Ltd
2nd floor, Kimathi House, Kimathi Street
PO Box 63046, 00200, Nairobi. Tel: 244228

Suntra Investment Bank Ltd
10th floor, Nation Centre, Kimathi Street
PO Box 74016, 00200, Nairobi. Tel: 337220



How do I replace a lost, stolen, destroyed or non-received stock certificate?
Once your share certificate is lost,  you are required to immediately advise us of the loss. Our office will then place a stop on the noted certificate. For the replacement of the certificate, you will be required to provide the following;

  1. A duly completed Lost Certificate Indemnity Form witnessed by the Commissioner of Oaths as per provisions of the Kenya Law.
  2. An abstract report issued by the Kenya Police in respect to the reported lost certificate.
  3. The shareholder’s certified proof of identity (National Identity Card or Passport).
  4. The shareholder’s certified proof of residence (i.e utility bills etc)
  5. 5/- (Five Kenya Shillings) Revenue Stampse.
  6. Processing Fee calculated at ………………… Your check should be made payable to Custody and Registrars Services Limited Investor Services.

Completed, original forms (not facsimile) should be mailed to: Custody and Registrars Services Limited, P.O. Box 8484-00100, Nairobi, Kenya. Once we receive the forms in good order along with payment of applicable fees, your shares will be reissued. A new certificate will be issued and mailed to you.

How can a non-registered shareholder report lost or stolen certificates?
In respect to representatives of registered shareholders e.g. Executors of Deceased Estates, the report must be submitted in writing supported by appropriate documentation indicating the relationshipbetween the shareholder and the representative. 

What happens if I find the certificate after it has been replaced?
If a lost and replaced certificate is found, it should be defaced and mailed to Custody and Registrars Services Limited, P.O. Box 8484-00100 Nairobi, Kenya.

I have more than one account in the same company. How do I combine these into one account?
In order to combine/consolidate/merge accounts, the shareholder registration details for each account including name(s), addresses must be identical. To initiate combining your two or more accounts into a single account, please send complete written instructions including account numbers to: Custody and Registrars Services Limited, P.O. Box 8484-00100 Nairobi, Kenya.

How can I combine my accounts if the registrations are different?
To consolidate the accounts, you can transfer the shares from one account into the other. Please refer to the instructions for transferring ownership of shares.

Can I have my dividends electronically deposited to my bank account?
This facility is currently only available for the shareholders who hold Barclays Bank of Kenya shares and also bank with that institution. Custody and Registrars Services Limited is working on extending this service to all counters under its administration as well as cover other banking institutions in Kenya.

What information do I have to include if I am submitting written instructions to have my dividends deposited electronically?
if you are a Barclays Bank of Kenya Shareholder and also bank with that instituion as per the current provisions od this facility, your request must include the following information:

  • The shareholder name and member number,
  • The shareholder’s proof of identity (Identity Card or Passport) and proof of residence (Utility Bills etc)
  • The bank name and branch, as well as your bank account number, where you would like us to direct the funds, or you may attach a voided check (not a deposit ticket) to your request.
  • The shareholders must sign the and date the instruction.

Can I send my dividends electronically to a bank account of another person?
Yes, however the request must be in writing and signed by all registered shareholders as well as all individuals listed on the receiving bank account. The signatures of all parties involved must be notarized by the Commissioner of Oaths as per provisions of Kenya Law.

How can I get a lost or missing dividend check replaced?
To have a check replaced, you must request a stop payment on the check with us and request that another one be re-issued. We will need the following information to replace your check:

  • The name of company in which you own stock
  • The payment date of the check being replaced
  • Your exact shareholder registration details including account number, name, address and social security number



Special circumstance requiring fast tracking/processing of CDS documents during the immobilization process.


A person authorized to act on behalf of a deceased shareholder as named in Court Documents called Letters of Administration or Letters of Authority.

Annual Report to

Shareholders           A formal statement issued every year by a corporation to its shareholders. This usually reports assets, revenues, expenses, etc.

Balance Free

Reflection of shares in a CDS account after successful validation by the registrar and consequent immobilization.


Monthly reconciliation of CDSC records to the Registrars’ register.

Bonus Issue

A corporate action undertaken by an issuer to distribute accumulated reserves in the company’s Balance Sheet. This is done by issuing new shares to existing shareholders in proportion to the shares held by such shareholders.


An investment professional who handles orders to buy and or sell shares of stock on behalf of an individual and/or corporate investor. A commission is usually charged for this service.

Affidavit of Loss

Central Depository and Settlement Corporation.


A form mailed out to shareholders who have lost their stock certificate(s). Shareholders must complete the form and send in a check for 3% of the value of the stock certificate(s) to have the it/them replaced.


Central Depository System

Cash Dividend

Monies paid in check form by a publicly traded company to its shareholders.


Funds paid to a shareholder as a result of the sale of fractional shares. The sale is made necessary by the termination of a dividend reinvestment plan. Fractional shares can not be issued in paper form, but can be held electronically through the transfer agent.


See also Stock Certificate. A physical negotiable document which evidences ownership in a company.

Corporate Actions

Reorganization, Restructuring, etc or any such transactions that will result in a major change in the capital structure and financial operation of a company.

Court Documents

Papers issued by the courts indicating who has been authorized to act on behalf of a deceased shareholder.

Death Certificate

A legal document which states a person's date, time and cause of death. Custody and Registrars Services Limited requires a certified copy of the death certificate in order to transfer shares out of a joint tenant account when one tenant is deceased.


See also Distribution. A company may choose to distribute a portion of their profits to shareholders. This may be in the form of money or additional shares of stock.


See also Employee Stock Option Plan. A plan in which employees of a stock company are given the option to buy shares at a set price, usually lower than the current market price.

Ex-Dividend Date

The date by which a person must buy shares of stock to be considered eligible to receive the next dividend payment.


A person authorized by Court Documents called Letters Testamentary to act on behalf of a deceased shareholder.


See also Initial Public Offering. The process by which a private company becomes a publicly held company by selling shares of its stock to the public.


The process of transferring shares from registrars’ custody into the CDS account.


The client company who has publicly traded stock.

Letters of Administration

See also Judgement of Possession, Letters Testamentary and Short Certificate. A document issued by the courts assigning authority in the distribution of the assets of an estate.

Nominal Value

The face value of a stock which has no relation to its market value.

Payable Date

The date a dividend is available to its shareholders. The company determines this date.


Provisional depository schedule

Power of Attorney

A written agreement authorizing an individual to act for another.


An authorization allowing one person to act for another. In terms of stock, a proxy card is completed by a shareholder who will not vote in person at the Annual Meeting, allowing the transfer agent to vote on his/her. Behalf


The entity that checks the work of the transfer agent by balancing the debits and the credits of a security at the end of every business day.

Record Date

The date on which a shareholder must own the stock in order to receive a dividend payment.

Registered Owner

The owner of record of a stock.

Rights Offering

An offering to existing shareholders of stock to buy additional shares of stock at a certain price, usually a discounted price.


A choice of receiving either cash or stock in a corporate restructuring event when a choice is offered


The person to whom stock is being assigned or transferred.


The current owner of a stock who is requesting a transfer.


The process of authentication of the existing share certificate by the registrar.





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